Fabric Friyaaay! Ep. 02: Fabric Giveaway! [4 of 7] PART 2

Hi Guys!!

Welcome back to a new series of Fabric Friyaaay Giveaways!! For our second box, we debuted 7 new collections shipping to stores in June and August. The box was so big we separated the contents into two shows, Live Show #1 and Show #2. This week, we are on PART 2 of our 4th th Giveaway! Part Two because the last time we debuted the quilting cottons of The FROLIC  line, and now this week the KNIT version is up for grabs (1 yard of each print) ! But before we get into it, let me announce the winner of our last giveaway!   All winners are chosen at random using the Rafflecopter option and the winner of Part 2 of the 4th Giveaway is! *insert drum roll here*  ! – Marran Clearly Poole!!



This sweet, bright and playful collection features hand painted critters frolicking in a whimsical flower garden. FROLIC is perfect for children and baby wear.

These knits are so beautiful and vibrant! I made some fun Orbis Skinny Harem pants from one of the most vibrant prints, not picture above.

So how do you win?! Really simple, just comment on this blog post and let us know what you’d make with these adorable knits! Winner will be chosen at random. Deadline to enter is 6.25.2017.

Here’s what’s happening in our Sewing Portfolio’s Community this month:

  1. Crafty Gemini – The New Kinfolk Fabric Collection is now available for PRESALE! (Click HERE for more info)
  2. Jennuine Designs has a the Clipper Shorts in testing. You can find previews of the look in their Facebook group HERE.
  3. The Eli Monster – the new Bloem Top has just been released and is now on sale!  This top is perfect for spring and is available in sizes 18m-12y in child sizes and 8 adult sizes! You can find them both HERE.
  4. Sansahash – the new Imari Pleated Shorts has just been released and its perfect for summer! Go check out their Facebook group HERE for a special discount code!
  5. Grammies Dolls Children’s Clothing is having a Smock-A-long sew a long this month! (started June 1st) more info in their Facebook group HERE.
  6. Andrie Designs released their latest pattern, the Classic Clutch. You can find it HERE.  In the PDF Love of Bags Facebook group, the annual #pdflovebags2017 event kicked off on 1st June and runs for the entire month of June. There are 32 bag designers participating (including Andrie Designs) and lots of free PDF patterns up for grabs as well as four major prizes. To enter, group members simply have to share photos made of bags using patterns from the participating designers! Too easy! You can find the Facebook group is HERE.

Don’t forgot to comment to win!! Talk to you soon! xoxo






  1. Wow, the possibilities are endless with the knits! All the summer tanks! And I love the list of calendar events, that’s awesome!

  2. I would make my daughter the portlander pants and the nivalis dress – and there would be quite a few other things I could make to with such vibrant colours!!

  3. As everyone else has said so many possibilities!! My sister is having a baby so I’d love to make some cute rompers for her and some dresses and cute summer pjs for my girls 😍😍

  4. The weather is getting colder at the moment so I’ll be checking out my One Thimble e-magazines for some inspiration. The obis pants look great, I might try them or the Willow Dress comes to mind too.

  5. I love these! I would make my new obsession – the Lil Luxe Calabria Dress/Tee this print would be perfect for it 💕

  6. I love Tamara Kate and this line is beautiful. I’d definitely make some clothes for my daughter with this. Stunning. I love those harem pants by the way. Amazing in that fabric.

  7. Just love knits! And what a great orbis pants! I’ll make shirts, shorts and dresses 💕

  8. Amazing fabrics!!! So many things I could make with these knits. So hard to choose one pattern. I think I’d go for a Solis or a Mantica by Sofilantjes.
    But that Orbis you made gives me inspiration as well! Really Nice pair 😍

  9. I’d follow your lead and probably make another pair of Orbis pants, this time for summer! Oh and maybe the new blouse pattern by Thread Faction.

  10. I would make mommy and me tops for my daughter and I! She’s tiny enough that a yard of knit can make us both something 😍

  11. The amount of information in this post is amazing! I usually follow many of the release groups and missed the Eli Monster one! Knits would have to be used for a Leia from Pickle Toes Pattern dress for my girls and SUAT new tank I can’t remember the name for myself

  12. I am in love with my girl’s litore dress (sofilantjes). I would love to make her another one. I alsof have the spin dress by madeitpatterns and a few other sofilantjes dress and top Patterns on my to sew list. I’d probably have to mix a few prints to get a whole maxi dress,but that does not look like a problem!

  13. Hope I’m not doubleposting. My Phone went a little crazy.
    On my to sew list: another litore and a Mantica by sofilantjes, a spin dress by madeitpatterns and more nodeloos by compagnieM. Some printmatching will be required to make a maxi dress, but size these fabric coördinaten so well, that won’t be a problem.

  14. What a bright, happy collection! It’s hard to choose an exact pattern, but I’m thinking of the knit patterns in One Thimble e-zine like the Thread Faction #111 dress and #116 cardigan. Also thinking of pieced patterns like the Taylor Tee by Pickle Toe Patterns, the Petit Oiseau by Filles a Maman, or the Dia sweater by Misusu Patterns. Some Agathe and Theo pants by Filles a Maman would also be super cute!

  15. I’d probably do some selfish sewing and make me some new work out gear and a brazi then make the kids some new
    Taylor tees with the scrap 😊

  16. Ummm everything! It’s winter here so probably brindille and twig tshirt dresses for my daughter, and pegs for me.

  17. I would love to make summer rompers with these!! Mix and match colors for ruffles and straps. The possibilities are endless!

  18. Aloha Friends 💜
    I’m EXTREMELY new to sewing 😊 I would LOVE 💜 to win, get together with my crafty and amazing friends and make some cute dresses for our girls. Im a hairstylist by trade and my friends are the best at helping me learn to sew. This would be a great way to share and learn.

  19. Love, love the prints! They inspire me to try some of the fabulous new t shirt patterns that I have seen lately.

  20. Such fun and happy prints!
    I would make my daughter a bomber jacket or an island getaway dress by ellie and mac.

  21. If I were so lucky enough to win this I would make twirly dresses for my daughter and comfy fun tops for myself😍!!!

  22. Ooooooh wow these are just beautiful!!! I can see Thea wearing a few pretty lil dresses and harems!! ❤❤❤maybe a few matching headbands aswel! ❤❤ loooooooove this collection!! Xx

  23. I’d love to make some flow-y Summer tanks for myself and my girls because these colors are so fun and vibrant!

  24. I have more knits than wovens…oh, no, I still have room on my shelves so knits are very welcome to balance those empty shelves LOL!!!

  25. I love knit fabrics. I see a lot of summer designs I can make with them. I’d love to win this giveaway the projects are endless. Choose me lol. Congratulations to the last winner and good luck to all the entry holders.

  26. Some of them would become clothes for my daughters of course, I can see adorable little pajama sets with these too. But I can make myself a tank top with a yard and have fabric to spare, and some of those colors I just love for me!

  27. I just tried sewing with knits once! A muscle tee for my son. I might try sewing Waterfall Raglan dress and top with these beauties.

  28. As a mum of two girls, these would make some lovely summer clothes for my very active outdoors girls. And maybe a bag/ purse combo each.

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