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5 Important Things to Note When Creating Your Online Sewing Portfolio


Before you get started here are 5 important things to note as you go along creating your sewing portfolio:

  1. Picking the right Public Name, First and Last Name.  

Because we want to keep our sewing portfolios as professional as possible, consider using your actual name in both these fields. The PUBLIC NAME  is important because that is what will be used to create your unique profile link. Using your proper FIRST and LAST NAME  is also strongly suggested because this is the name that is searchable and what Business Users will see when they are viewing your profile.


  1.  The notations you see in red are NOT error messages, they are reminders that your name should be your “REAL NAME” and not a made up name. ERROR ALERTS APPEAR ON THE TOP OF YOUR PROFILE PAGE once you save/update indicating what the error is if one occurs.
  2. The email address associated with your account cannot be edited or interchanged. If you’ve lost access to your email address or decide you would prefer to use another one you will need to create your profile from scratch all over again in order to do so. We apologize for this inconvenience but it just happens to be the way the system is coded in order to avoid any information breach. 

SPECIAL MENTION: Your Public Name populates to your unique user ID link called “My Portfolio Link”,  it is located right below your Bio Bubble. Simply copy and paste this link wherever you’d like to share it. Please note, your profile can only be accessed and seen if the viewer is a Business Member of SewingPortfolios.com.

2. Pay attention to the VISIBILITY options under each category.

Your Username, First and Last name will always be public, but the default setting for all other categories are set to private. You decide what you want to keep private or make public by selecting either “PRIVATE” or “PUBLIC” under each category.

NOTE: If you are a pattern tester, or if your intent is to connect and collaborate with Businesses, I strongly suggested making all of your information public.

3. Using the hidden feature of the drop down menus.

The drop down menus for the following categories: “I AM A”, “Sewing Preferences”, “PDF Designers I have Tested for”, “Enjoy Sewing With”, and “Business Type” can all have more than one answer. In the case of “Designers I have Tested for’, instead of scrolling the entire Designer list and selecting them one by one (although you can do that too), you can simply start typing a name and it will filter the list for you. Then use the arrow keys to find the one you’re looking for, click “enter” and continue on the same way adding to the list.

4. Using FULL links when entering your social media/website information.

Using the full website address including the “http://” is imperative to ensuring immediate and correct link backs to your sites.

5. Keeping photos within the recommended size range when creating project albums.

You will notice, a project album must be created first before you are able to add photos. Although we allow image uploads to be 20mb each in size, all images uploaded will be resized on the server to be no greater than 1400px x 1400px constrained ratio. You can greatly speed up your uploads by using a tool such as Adobe Photoshop or https://bulkresizephotos.com/ to resize your images prior to attempting to upload.

NOTE: Here are some helpful questions to ask about each possible project album picture you might have:

  • What will this picture demonstrate?
  • Is this my best work?
  • Does it show mastery?
  • Am I proud of this picture…all or part of it?
  • Will this picture highlight my strong skills?

And there are the 5 important things to keep in mind when creating your sewing portfolio. If you have any other questions, please visit our FAQ page HERE, we might have already answered it! If not you cannot find the answer to your question,  please feel free to contact us via the Contact form HERE.

Thank you sew much for becoming a member, and for allowing us to be a part of your sewing journey!

The SewingPortfolios.com Team

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