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All You Need to Know About The Sewing Portfolios Ambassador Program

Our tagline reads,  CREATE, CONNECT, COLLABORATE!  And our Ambassador Program allows us to do just that! YOU Create your sewing portfolios, WE Connect you with Brands and Businesses, and WE ALL COLLABORATE TOGETHER! Win Win for all right?

What is the Sewing Portfolios Ambassador Program?

After each unboxing of #FabricFriyaaay where we debut new collections from our registered Fabric Manufactures who are Business Members of SewingPortfolios.com, we open a call within our exclusive Facebook Group in search of sewers WORLDWIDE willing to sew up projects from the new collections. Ambassadors are sent 3 yards of fabric, while the fabric is FREE Ambassadors must agree to pay shipping cost to them. The most fun part is that you get to play with fabric before they hit stores! We currently have over 60 Ambassadors worldwide!
[sidenote: The Facebook Group is exclusive to site members only, so you must be a member of SewingPortfolios.com, you can sign up HERE] If you’re not sure what member profile you fall under, please see our FAQ’s page HERE.

What exactly is a Sewing Portfolios Ambassador?

A Sewing Portfolios Ambassador is a person who believes, as much as we do , that relationships matter.  Our goal and mission at Sewing Portfolios is to connect our sewers with sewing related businesses that could best benefit their success and growth. Our Ambassadors must be willing and eager to to provide credible and honest promotion to their audience about SewingPortfolios.com and the partnered Fabric Manufacturer. In simpler terms, all you need to do is share your personal testimony about the opportunities available to members of SewingPortfolios.com from your own personal experience.


ANY and ALL registered SewingPortfolios.com members can apply, no matter what sewing level and no matter where you are in the world! So both, Individual Members and Business Members!  INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS must have an active portfolio, meaning you must have all your information filled in and set to PUBLIC and you must have at LEAST 3 project albums uploaded. All applications will be verified by both SP and partnered Business Member by using your unique portfolio link. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Our Call for Ambassadors are exclusively held in our member only Facebook Group, so you must be a member to gain access. (The link is automatically provided to you in a follow up email once you verify your email address). Once in the group, all you need to do is wait for the CALL! Once posted, the Call will close after 48 hours.


Depending on the amount of applications received, typically 2 – 4 weeks.


  • We understand that projects take time and planning and that you have families, work etc, but we do ask that we start seeing projects coming in within 3-6 weeks from receiving your fabric
  • You do have FULL CREATIVE FREEDOM to create whatever you like.
  • Sneak Peeks to your audience are strongly encouraged, please be sure to tag @sewingportfolios and the partnered fabric manufacturer and the designer of the patterns you used.
  • Once the finished garment is completed, we ask that in your posting you mention in small detail SewingPortfolios.com , the Sewing Portfolios Ambassador Program, the partnered fabric manufacture and pattern designers. The goal is to spread awareness for SewingPortfolios.com and the benefits and opportunities of being a member.




  • Sasha Powell

    As one of the first Sewing Portfolio Ambassadors I would like to say thank you for the opportunity. I got beautiful Michael Miller fabric sent to me, with a full creative license to do whatever I wanted with it. I really couldn’t believe I’d be chosen so I strongly urge everyone who is interested to sign up, you never know, you could be the next Sewing Portfolio Ambassador.

  • Katie

    Sewing is something that I’m passionate about and becoming a Sewing Portfolios member has opened up so many opportunities for me. I’ve also made so many new friends from all over the world. I’m an ambassador and had so much fun with the fabrics that were sent to me.

  • Natasha

    I love being part of sewing portfolios and also being an ambassador!! I love fabric and i love sewing!! Being part of a community filled with designers and fabric stores is amazing!! This was my latest callobaration with sewing portfolios and Michael Miller fabrics!!
    Who knows next time you could be posting your amazing creations!! Xc

  • Rochelle

    Being a Sewing Portfolio Ambassador is awesome! There are the wonderful Ambassadors in the Facebook group who have just incredible, wonderful ideas, and
    fabrics that I never would have considered buying are delivered to my door for just the cost of postage.
    It has opened my world up to new fabrics and techniques.
    It’s like a Christmas surprise package!!

  • Vanessa B

    Sewing Portfolios is great for documenting your projects, awesome opportunities to submit your work to Designers and Fabric Companies and making new stitching friends. We in the Sewing World have needed this for so long, Thank You Candice!!!

  • Deb Zaleski

    Being a Sewing Portfolio Ambassador has allowed me to connect with others that share the same passion for all things sewing, patterns and fabrics. I love being able to share and let myself to be inspired by others and every beautiful project that is created.

  • Karen

    What a fantastic opportunity! I have loved being a Sewing Portfolios Ambassador! The concept of having an online portfolio of my projects was what drew me to Sewing Portfolios, since joining though, I have ‘met’ many wonderful, like people & have had many opportunities presented to me to collaborate & even work with, businesses in the sewing industry worldwide! To be an Ambassador & receive such beautiful fabrics to work with has been such an amazing experience!

  • Alison

    Sewingportfolios.com is such a wonderful website and community – your online portfolio allows you to see all your work in one place, and you are among like-minded people – such wonderful opportunities await! As an ambassador, I’ve been super lucky to collaborate with Michael Miller Fabrics – planning, sewing, photographing,… it’s been a dream come true!

  • Josie

    Sewing Portfolios is a great place to get your work notice from a wide variety of businesses in the Sewing community. I was fun being an ambassador. I have a total automomy to be creative with Michael Miller Fabrics sent by Candice.

  • Tara Sinclair

    Being a Sewing Portfolios Ambassador has been an incredible experience for me! Connecting with others who love the same things as me, getting to experience creative freedom with only one rule – make, and building relationships within my creative world! You can’t beat it! Thank you for the opportunity! It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for me!

  • Keri

    I thoroughly enjoy being a Sewing Portfolio Ambassador. It’s sew fun to receive a bundle of fabric no one else has and having full creative control is like icing on the cake.

    My active Sewing Portfolio makes it much easier to share exams of my skills with potential business associates.

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