Elizabeth Rosario
Featured Pattern Tester

Featured PDF Pattern Tester: Elizabeth Rosario

This month we have the pleasure of featuring Elizabeth Rosario.

How would you define being a pattern tester?
 Being part of a team of people who help to prepare a pattern for release ensuring that the new pattern is both functional & user friendly. Along with this providing styled photographs to be used for promotion upon release of the pattern. I love being part of this process.

How long have you been pattern testing and what do you enjoy the most? My first pattern test was 2 years ago and was a test of the Basics Collection for Hey There Threads . This was not long after I attended a beginners sewing course.

If you could describe pattern testing in ONE word. What would it be and why? FUN! I really enjoy the experience especially when I can develop a relationship with the designer and with the other testers.

What’s the most gratifying memory of your pattern testing journey? When I completed the test for the Bazinga Backpack for Flosstyle I felt so accomplished. It was my first bag and I was so proud of how all of those pattern pieces came together to make a professional looking backpack. My daughter now proudly uses this bag for school t
elling everyone that “Mummy made it”.

Who/what/where inspires you? My Nan is my greatest inspiration and my biggest fan. She
has always been involved in hand crafts of all sorts. She is very talented at hand embroidery and always took me along to her crafting and sewing meetings. She gave me her old sewing machine 2 years ago so that she could see what I would create. She is so proud of my sewing and I am glad that I can share this love of sewing with her.
What is one sewing notion or tool that you just can’t live without? That is a tough one but I would probably have to say that my sewing gauge is my most used tool ( other than my seam ripper, shears & measuring tape ). It is fabulous for hemming, measuring seam allowances, marking button positionsand basically any small measures that I need while sewing.

Tell us something people might not know about you. Perhaps that before I started sewing dancing was my passion. I still dance around my house once the kids go to bed.

Would you rather your own sewing studio or a lifetime supply of fabric? A sewing studio would be amazing but I would live without one for a lifetime supply of fabric. Fabric is the most expensive part of my sewing so with that cost gone I can get on with my sewing guilt free. (haha)

Thank’s so much for telling us a little about yourself, Elizabeth! 

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